Begin Utilizing Influencer Marketing NOW!

If you’re not familiar with social media influencers, here’s the rundown. They’re essentially individuals with a wide (verifiable) reach on social media. When they post, people listen and react. These examples cited in the article are on a larger scale, but there’s still an analogous lesson to be learned.

For example, my real good buddy/Sister Rhonda makes terrific smoked bbq. A natural pairing would be with a local foodie with a large social media reach whose “word is their bond” when it comes to giving reviews on food. A positive review on the foodie’s page could potentially yield a return in the form of new followers for Rhonda, and hopefully more orders.

Another pairing would be a boutique owner and a popular fashion social media blogger. The possibilities are endless, and can produce some mutually beneficial relationships.

I stumbled upon this concept myself as a photographer. One of my 1st model photoshoots was with a popular model/actor named Cross Thompson. I paid to shoot him. That may sound weird, but when you’re new to photography with no portfolio, regardless of how expensive your gear is, you don’t have any leverage to ask a model with a preexisting portfolio to pay you. After I delivered the images, he posted a few on his Facebook page (unbenounced to me at the time) with the caption “by one of the best photographers in DC Cameron Williams“! The ladies LOVED the swimsuit images(my guy friends gave me the BLUES in my inbox though), and I was receiving friend requests out of the wazoo. I can say I received a tangible financial benefit from the pairing, got some paying jobs from the new friend requests, and was approached by several models who were wanting to do trade shoots(which means no pay for either the photographer or model, which is a step up from me having to pay established models). It was a net positive, and I’d recommend it. Is it a magic bullet cure all for cash flow problems in your business…nowhere near it. Is it an excellent addition to a preexisting marketing plan in place…absolutely. 

Below are a few of the images I shot of Cross and the link I acquired most of the information for this blog from(fellas, you may want to go back to the top of the page from here!):

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