After completing a series of greenscreen interviews for The Hartford Foundation in Downtown DC, I got the call to complete the series in NY. Always down to take a road trip, naturally I was elated to get the call. Not only do I love the city, but for a guy from DC to get the nod to travel 4 hours into the East Coast mecca of cameramen was a real confidence booster! My fiance and I hatted up and hit the road. After getting the kids together and off to their grandparents it was roughly 12am. Our start time the following day was 10am...which left us with about 4 hours to sleep! Undaunted, we made the trek, and made our way to the Big Apple. Our hotel was 10 minutes away from our shoot site, and since my setup for the interview was minimal getting to the valet an hour ahead of time would give us plenty of time to setup and knock this interview out.
The following morning, we got up on time and made our way to the valet. What was an innocuous Holiday Inn that night, was a bustling mini starbucks line worth of people retrieving cars the following morning! The valets were incredibly efficient and we got our car and proceeded to our site with about 45 minutes to spare. We turned on gps and hit the road. Our gps still said 15 minutes away. It hadn't accounted for a weapon that would form against me and attempt to prosper...a changing NY rush hour traffic pattern with NYPD on every block enforcing it! We weren't allowed to make a left turn for what seemed like an eternity. Despite my having a CDL, even the most experienced out of town driver would get a run for their money in this traffic. 
After a maze of turns, scowling officers and an eventual left turn, I made it to my destination with a few minutes to spare. I'm used to DC's exorbitant parking fees. Typically $20-$30 and parking either inside, or beside buildings on nearly every block. Not at this location! We were on 50th and the nearest parking was on 70th! My fiance who was there to run sound, now had to play valet and not only park 20 blocks away, but catch an Uber back to the shoot location!
I made it in on time, and setup the camera and audio quickly. Shot the interviews, began to pack up, and by the time Candice made it back, the job was over!
DYNAMITE experience, learned a ton, and was a part of a project that affects me directly.
The organization works with the aging and ensuring legislation is in place to provide seniors with the necessary tools to live out their golden years in comfort. My Mom is 83, so this was definitely a cause near and dear to my heart.
I was very happy with the final product. I was responsible for directing and shooting the footage. The production company that the Hartford uses handled the greenscreen, editing etc...

I sincerely appreciated the opportunity, and hopefully it'll lead to a lot more work in the future! Feel free to take a look at what we created.

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