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Our Approach

MediaSalon Cinema is dedicated to addressing the commercial videography needs of our small businees community, with a heavy focus on marketing. We blog and post on social media about marketing tactics regularly(whether it relates directly to video or not). With the plethora of marketing tools at our disposal, MediaSalon Cinema has carved out a niche as it relates to videography, so our video products can be used in those tools. Countless articles point out the benefits of harnessing video as a part of a multiprong campaign for brand awareness. Business cards alone, websites alone, a super outgoing sales rep alone, nor our videos alone won't be the single piece that catapults your company into the upper echelon of its niche. The combination of all the above cogs and a lot of sweat equity will be what takes you from wherever you are currently to where you foresee yourself and your organization being.

Our Story

MediaSalon Cinema is a full service video production company, with a focus on marketing based in Washington, D.C .  Formed over 5 years ago by owner/operator Cameron T Williams, MediaSalon Cinema serves our small business community with Commercial Cinematography, Corporate Videography, Short Film/Documentary Filmmaking, KickStarter campaigns, and special events.  From our DC small business and nonprofit community, to needs along the East Coast it's been an awesome ride telling stories and generating awareness(and consequently revenue)through our creative use of video.

Meet the Team

Cameron T Williams

Founder & CEO

Cameron has over 5 years of experience as a photographer and videographer. He believes his focus on solid photography and composition is what sets him apart from most commercial videographers.
He has a proven track record of serving clients as an innovative and creative producer meeting budgets, beating deadlines and exceeding expectations. Through his creative direction, technical expertise and marketing experience, he will help tell your story and make your vision come to life. When away from the office Cameron spends his time rearing his 3 kids, and scouring the web for marketing tidbits to share with his community.

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